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We have been so frustrated in recent years that saying "Merry Christmas" during the Christmas season has become politically incorrect. We at It's Merry Christmas don't object to folks saying "Happy [insert religious holiday important to you here]", but we do object to folks being afraid to say "Merry Christmas" during the Christmas holiday, or calling it the "Holiday Season" or calling a Christmas Tree a "Holiday tree". Today, many folks are censured or punished for mentioning the name of Christ or a Christian holiday (read also Easter here). We understand that. But we are offended by that.

The founder of the "Its Merry Christmas project" was greeted 208 times at businesses and stores and restaurants (he kept a list) with "Happy Holidays" and he was so impressed when the first person told him "Merry Christmas" (at his bank) that he handed her the lucky silver dollar he had been carring for years in his pocket. And so the idea for the "Its Merry Christmas project" was born!

Its Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays

The goal of the "Its Merry Christmas project" is to help folks think about the real meaning of Christmas, to get in the true spirit of Christmas, and to share the Christmas holiday greeting with others.

We thought, "What better way to do this that to give an instant reward to folks saying "Merry Christmas" (or to allow them to help others through a charitable gift in their honor) in order to show our appreciation and gratitude that THEY are unafraid to spread Christmas cheer, in recognition of the meaning of the holiday?"

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